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Prince Adebolu Ademiluyi – Ooigo

Ooigo Team Profile:

Prince Adebolu Ademiluyi's Profile

Prince Adebolu Ademiluyi

Director of Royal African Mining and Energy Development

Prince Adebolu Ademiluyi assumes the role of the Director of Royal African Mining and Energy Development with a substantial experienced in Mining exploration across Africa.  For the past 8 years, he has been working extensively in the area of mining and energy exploration, acquiring and supplying of precious minerals to both local, national and international clients transnational using various medium and tools. He has a very wide customers and brand based in Africa and Middle East and across the globe.

As the Director of Royal African Mining and Energy Development, Prince Ademiluyi has acquired over 14 years of managerial experience which he is deploying to OIGO mission as he upholds the tenets of his directorate through planning, organising and supervising the activities of mining and its energy projects. He is well-versed in operational processes, planning future mining and energy development, overseeing the development and tunnelling of the mine, checking the quality of stone, rock and minerals and inspecting the mine for danger. He also carries out generic management duties, such as hiring staff, organising staff training, overseeing financial administration, and liaising and negotiating with suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders. He also ensures occupational health and safety guidelines are followed, which includes planning and overseeing maintenance of the mining and energy projects and developing emergency response plans.

Fondly called as CJ, he is well excited about heading OIGO Royal African Mining and Energy Development. With his vast knowledge and a degree qualification from the United Kingdom, he acknowledges Africa is a rising continent with massive mineral resources that will aid its rapid development. It is crystal clear that the sheer size of the continent mineral resources is attracting global corporations, investment and strategic institutions that are committing technical personnel, resources and funding to Africa. He is committed to upholding the vision of His Imperial Majesty (H.I.M) through OIGO as he drives new roadmap with determination, purposeful actionable structure and excellent spirit.