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Ash Domah – Ooigo

Ooigo Team Profile:

Ash Domah's Profile

Ash Domah

Mr. Ash Domah is the National Executive Director (NED) of Ooni of If Global Outreach (OIGO) for the Republic of Mauritius. As trained chartered accountant, Ash is pursuing an MBA from Bradford University School of Management. Ash is the Founding Director of Tradom Global Consulting Limited (t/as TRADOM The SDGs Company www.SDGs.co), a global Desert-Greening consortium that has a vision to transform our deserts into Green Arable pastures.

A fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and also fellow member of both the Institute of Financial and Public Accountants, Ash has several years of Controllership experience serving for multinational Silicon Valley Tech corporations and European companies, and recently retired from his corporate career to deliver Sustainable projects aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Ash, a Nature lover, has evolved into a Global Goals specialist and idealistically positioned as a connector to deliver SDGs projects in Desert Greening, Land Restoration, Regenerative Agriculture, Renewable and Climate Change Adaptation by partnering with international private sector players, Social Impact Investor firms, NGOs and the Scientific community. Ash has developed several key project pipelines in Africa, Asia and Middle-East through a unique blend of PPP model.

Ash is also a member of the ‘Initiatives of Change Switzerland’ Roundtable Committee that includes the UNCCD, IUCN, private-sector players and Ministers from developing countries and US Senate member(s).

Ash has a vision and mission to spur the next Green Revolution 5.0 to help feed one billion people by amplifying Food Security and Livelihood through Land and EcoRestoration project executions, whilst at the same protecting forests & wildlife.